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It’s been awhile tumblr.

Stressful mornings, Long working/college nights.

But I know success is right around the corner.

All Hail to the Journalism Majors.                 


VMA 2012 Feedback.


         The Video Music Awards 2012 (VMA’s) aired just a few weeks ago and MILLIONS OF people tweeted or dedicated their facebook status’s to RIHANNA & CHRIS BROWN’s reunited smooch, FRANK OCEANS Emotional PERFORMANCE AND these UK BLOAKS ONE DIRECTION. NOW let me start of by saying KEVIN Hart was a great host. He brought excitement to the show he had Celebs in the crowd laughing at all his jokes he was REALLY entertaining soo.. Im proud of MTV for lending him the mike instead of that alchoholic loser, katty perry heartbreaker Russel Brand. He deserved the boot. I thought rihanna’s performance was a great opening her outift was..different but she still preserved her edgy style. After she accepted her award for video of the year for her song “We found love” She and & her ex boyfriend chris brown shared a quick smooch. Just A QUICK SMALL SMOOCH and the tabloids ate it up. I was watching a video on and they just violated her name. They basically called her an attention whore MAINLY because of her interaction with chris brown after her performance. They smooched she gave him a litte head rub and according to TMZ that was a PERSONAL GESTURE that meant “He is mine, Ill see you later tonight”. A HEAD RUB? I didn’t know a little head rub meant people WERE having relations. People head rub their DOGS TMZ. Seriously? Stop. Now as for chris browns current girlfiends Karuuche Tran, she has the most absolute right to go off on Rihanna AND CHRIS BROWN, BUT MOSTLY chris brown. But then again it was just a little smooch? Let me know what you think about the situation. Put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes. The video I am reffering to on is called TMZ Live Part 1 9/7/12.

          Frank Ocean had the most tweets on twitter about his performance for his hit song “Thinking About You”. Unlike other perfomers all he had was a mic and a guy playing an acoustic guitar while he sang acapella which is extra rare at the VMA’s. Everyone likes to go hard and get all blinged out for 3 minutes, but Mr. Frank Ocean sang his heart out in all black wearing his favorite red and white bandana barefoot in a galaxy background setting on stage. Ond of his followers Shireen at ibeiber A-U-S tweeted “This is so beautiful I have tears in my eyes @Frank ocean. You never seize to amaze me frankie.” Another follower Del- Rowland at Adele _IV tweeted “You KNOW an award show is BOGUS when One Direction beats frank Ocean. Uhmmm?” Welp sad to say but she is right, in my opinon. Oh in case you didnt know who one direction is because most people don’t, maybe its because they came out of nowhere.. but they are a british pop sensation boy band that send tweens and soccer moms into a JUSTIN BEIBER frenzy times 5 and will take over America like the backstreet boys and Ny’snc did in their prime days. Alot of Frank Oceans fans were disturbed at the fact that One Direction code name 1D BEAT Frank Ocean in the best new artist category . Mainly because you can tell what artitsts put their heart in soul into music they put it out compared to those who are just looking to be the next big thing for a few minutes with auto tune and utilize the same catchy beats as every other teenage boy band in America but hey! It just goes to show how the music industry is all sorts of crazy nowadays… 

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